What are the Guides to Using the EFF Performance Continua?

This site contains guides to ten of the EFF performance continua. The purpose of each guide is to introduce you to one of the EFF performance continua and show you how to use it to plan for instruction and for classroom-based assessment. Since accountability assessments on the standard will be based on the same performance continuum, the guide may also help you to better understand what to expect once a performance assessment process based on the standard is in place.

The EFF Continua of Performance are multidimensional, developmental descriptions of performance on the EFF Content Standards. They allow for descriptions of performance ranging from the novice level to the expert level. Currently the descriptions of performance describe from three to six levels each beginning with a novice level and extending to levels that correlate with exit points for adult basic education. Each continuum is built around the four EFF Dimensions of Performance, and performance levels are defined by identifying key features of performance at various points along the continuum. The performance continua make up one part of the EFF Assessment Framework.

How Can I Use the Guides?

Currently guides are available for 10 of the 16 EFF standards; at least two for each of the four categories of standards listed on the sidebar to the left. Each guide contains a description of the standard and a two-page chart showing the performance continuum itself. The guide also includes: 1) information to help you understand how to read the continuum; 2) tools for lesson planning and assessment; 3) a scenario describing how one teacher used these tools; 4) information on the research basis for the standard; and 5) tips for where to go for more information. Some of the tools are available as Word documents to allow you to adapt them to your needs. You can get to each guide by clicking on the links on the left.

Where Can I Find Examples of Completed Planning Guides?

The guides for each of the standards listed on the sidebar to the left contain scenarios describing how a teacher used the performance continuum for the standard along with lesson planning and assessment tools to prepare lesson plans. Embedded within each of the guides are excerpts from completed 1 page planning guides based on the scenarios. You will find the full 1 page versions of the completed planning guides for 10 standards here.