Listen Actively Performance Continuum

Performance Level 5

How adults at Level 5 Listen Actively:
  • Attend to oral information.
  • Clarify purpose for listening and use listening strategies appropriate to that purpose.
  • Monitor comprehension, adjusting strategies to overcome barriers to comprehension.
  • Integrate information from listening with prior knowledge to address the listening purpose.

Level 5 Indicators

Use Key Knowledge, Skills, and Strategies Adults performing at Level 5 can:
  • Understand main ideas and most details in conversations, short lectures, news reports, extended explanations and other connected discourse on a range of topics, including topics beyond everyday contexts and immediate experiences in a variety of work, personal, and basic academic contexts.
  • Effectively use advanced strategies to repair gaps in understanding, to ask questions to deepen understanding and to give feedback appropriate to the situation, the audience and the purpose of the communication. Growing ability to use strategies appropriate to the socio-cultural context.
  • Apply linguistic, socio-cultural, and other background knowledge and strategies (such as integrating information from more than one source; evaluating the relevance, validity, and adequacy of information; or adapting responses to the age, gender, status, and emotional state of the speaker) to understand fully the literal and implied intent of the speaker, to respond appropriately, and to meet the listening purpose.

Show Fluency, Independence, and Ability to Perform in a Range of Settings

Adults performing at Level 5 can function independently in most social and work situations and comprehend relatively complex and unstructured conversations or presentations requiring the integration and summary of several data sources or media with limited need for guidance and repetition and with few errors. Adults at this level may have some difficulty following the coherence or thematic organization of longer connected discourse or may have difficulty understanding when time frames and tense markers are complex. They can understand most English language communication at normal speed and often can function successfully (with some support) in adult education classrooms (such as GED classes) with native English speakers, although they may still lack full comfort and ease conversing with native speakers.

Level 5 Examples of Proficient Performance

Adults performing at Level 5 can Listen Actively to accomplish a variety of goals, such as:
  • With classmates, listening to the director of a food pantry describe his needs, watching a video on homelessness and discussing priorities for a community service activity.
  • Listening for, identifying and evaluating the viewpoints and truthfulness of various types of marketing in recorded radio commercials.
  • Listening to a simulated community college/GED lecture on a literary topic, taking notes to prepare a brief summary of what was heard, and discussing one's own ability to listen to college lectures.
  • Listening and providing appropriate feedback and advice in a simulated discussion with a teenager who wants to drop out of school.
  • Listening to several short poems and identifying the underlying themes and implied meanings.

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