Getting to Know the EFF Standard Read with Understanding

The EFF Standard Read with Understanding defines one of 16 content areas that make up the EFF Content Framework. Go to Standards for a complete list of the standards. The definition of the Read with Understanding Standard is:

In order to fulfill responsibilities as parents/family members, citizens/community members and workers, adults need to be able to:

  • Determine the reading purpose.
  • Select reading strategies appropriate to the purpose.
  • Monitor comprehension and adjust reading strategies.
  • Analyze the information and reflect on its underlying meaning.
  • Integrate it with prior knowledge to address reading purpose.

This definition was developed as part of an intensive multi-year research and development process that included input from teachers throughout the U.S. as well as content area specialists. More information about the history of this development process can be found in the EFF Assessment Resource Collection.

In addition, the work of two other related projects has informed the development of the performance continuum for this standard. First, the Read With Understanding Standard was used to develop a working model of accountability assessment by the EFF Assessment Consortium. The publication Improving Performance, Reporting Results: The Guide to Using the EFF Read with Understanding Assessment Prototype provides further details and sample tools practitioners can use to assess adult achievement and mastery of the Standard Read With Understanding to meet accountability requirements as well as for instructional assessment. Second, this work has benefited from the research of the Equipped for the Future Reading Project, a collaboration between Equipped for the Future and the National Center for Family Literacy which has developed materials and a professional development process aimed at helping teachers and administrators learn how to use the Read With Understanding Standard to support adult students in learning to read more effectively. More information on the EFF Reading Project can be found at the EFF Special Collection:

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