Learn Through Research Performance Continuum

Performance Level 3

Learn Through Research.

How adults at Level 3 Learn Through Research:
  • Pose a question to be answered or make a prediction about objects or events.
  • Use multiple lines of inquiry to collect information.
  • Organize, evaluate, and analyze findings.
  • Interpret and communicate findings.

Level 3 Indicators

Use Key Knowledge, Skills, and Strategies

Adults performing at Level 3 can:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research as a process of gathering and making sense of information in order to meet a specified purpose, and pose a complex (sometimes novel) but precise question that allows for purposeful development and implementation of a coherent inquiry plan using multiple resources
  • Identify a range of familiar and novel sources of information, and gather information from each, using a range of sophisticated strategies such as designing and carrying out fairly simple experiments; developing and administering structured questionnaires and interviews; using multiple search engines and navigating complex websites; listening to long presentations; taking extensive notes and developing outlines; interpreting complex charts and graphs; and reading complex, multipart text (including bilingual sources) and adjusting strategies as needed to enhance comprehension
  • Analyze (using strategies such as classifying and categorizing) and synthesize (drawing some inferences, conclusions and generalizations) information from multiple sources; evaluate its relevance and usefulness to the research question through a wide range of strategies such as cause/effect analysis, drawing extensive analogies, and prediction; and integrate relevant information with prior knowledge
  • " Use a range of strategies to monitor effectiveness of inquiry process such as interim summary and evaluation of findings, verification with multiple lines of inquiry, and prediction based on recognition of patterns in data; and adjust approach as necessary based on feedback
  • Communicate findings related to the research question through extensive oral or written reports, complex graphics, simulations or computer models

Show Fluency, Independence, and Ability to Perform in a Range of Settings

Adults performing at Level 3 can Learn Through Research, with ease, speed and little effort, taking initiative and needing little guidance (sometimes offering information or assistance to others) to accomplish complex, minimally-structured tasks that require prediction or judgment, in a variety of familiar and less familiar settings

Level 3 Examples of Proficient Performance

Adults performing at Level 3 can Learn Through Research to accomplish a variety of goals, such as:
  • Compare leading presidential candidates and decide which one to vote for, based on that person's positions on key issues and likelihood to address concerns in your community
  • Develop organizational policies and a program plan for a new neighborhood adult learning center
  • Make a decision about the best way to provide care for an elder who can no longer care for her/himself at home
  • Write a guide to (prepare online resources for a Web site concerning) local job training and employment opportunities in a particular community

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