Resolve Conflict and Negotiate Performance Continuum

Performance Level 1

How adults at Level 1 Resolve Conflict and Negotiate:
  • Acknowledge that there is a conflict.
  • Identify areas of agreement and disagreement.
  • Generate options for resolving conflict that have a "win/win" potential.
  • Engage parties in trying to reach agreement on a course of action that can satisfy the needs and interests of all.
  • Evaluate results of efforts and revise approach as necessary.

Level 1 Indicators

Use Key Knowledge, Skills, and Strategies Adults performing at Level 1 can:
  • Define and recall (simply but in a way that is fair and agreeable to all conflicted parties) a conflict involving a single area of disagreement, and identify at least one area of agreement among conflicted parties.
  • Gather and analyze information needed to demonstrate a basic understanding of differing positions and to suggest at least one option for resolving the conflict that has "win/win" potential.
  • Use a few simple strategies to facilitate negotiation between parties toward a course of action that can satisfy their needs and interests, such as application of some (limited) prior knowledge about "people skills"; some simple questioning and active listening to brief verbal communications; attention to body language and eye contact (as appropriate); and simple but accurate communication/representation of a consensus resolution.
  • Monitor negotiation process and its results for effectiveness and fairness, and adjust strategies as necessary to reach consensus resolution if possible.

Show Fluency, Independence, and Ability to Perform in a Range of Settings

Adults performing at Level 1 can Resolve Conflict and Negotiate, slowly and cautiously with some noticeable effort and hesitation, and supported by significant guidance, direction and assistance, to accomplish well defined and highly structured tasks that include a few simple steps and require limited (but some) prediction or judgment, in a single comfortable and familiar setting.

Level 1 Examples of Proficient Performance

Adults performing at Level 1 can Resolve Conflict and Negotiate to accomplish a variety of goals, such as:
  • Consider a conflict between parents and children about balancing TV watching with doing homework after school, then negotiate a resolution.
  • Reflect on a family conflict between 2 adults about one priority for spending on a budget, then resolve the conflict based on reflections.
  • Address conflicting ideas in order to agree with a friend about what to do for entertainment on a weekend night.

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