Resolve Conflict and Negotiate Performance Continuum

Performance Level 3

How adults at Level 3 Resolve Conflict and Negotiate:
  • Acknowledge that there is a conflict.
  • Identify areas of agreement and disagreement.
  • Generate options for resolving conflict that have a "win/win" potential.
  • Engage parties in trying to reach agreement on a course of action that can satisfy the needs and interests of all.
  • Evaluate results of efforts and revise approach as necessary.

Level 3 Indicators

Use Key Knowledge, Skills, and Strategies Adults performing at Level 3 can:
  • Define, and accurately summarize and/or reframe (with selected relevant detail, and in a way that is fair and agreeable to all conflicted parties), a fairly complex conflict involving several areas of disagreement; clarify and prioritize areas of disagreement to be addressed; and identify multiple areas of agreement among conflicted parties.
  • Gather and analyze information needed to demonstrate deep understanding of differing positions and the needs that underlie them, and to suggest multiple options for resolving the conflict that have "win/win" potential.
  • Use a wide range of strategies to facilitate negotiation between parties toward a course of action that can satisfy their needs and interests, such as application of significant prior knowledge about human behavior and "people skills"; prediction of outcomes or reactions based on a strong ability to generalize to other, similar conflicts; developing rapport through encouraging open and honest exchange of views; extensive questioning and accurate interpretation of verbal and non-verbal responses/cues; effective problem-solving; and accurate communication/representation of a consensus resolution.
  • Monitor negotiation process and its results for effectiveness and fairness, and adjust strategies as necessary to reach consensus resolution, if possible.

Show Fluency, Independence, and Ability to Perform in a Range of Settings

Adults performing at Level 3 can Resolve Conflict and Negotiate, easily and comfortably, needing little or no assistance or support and providing direction and guidance to others, to accomplish fairly complex tasks with some definition and structure that include multiple steps and require significant prediction and judgment, in multiple familiar and unfamiliar settings.

Level 3 Examples of Proficient Performance

Adults performing at Level 3 can Resolve Conflict and Negotiate to accomplish a variety of goals, such as:
  • Analyze a recent conflict in the community learning center between some adult learners and a substitute instructor who refuses to return because of perceived behavior problems with the learners, and negotiate a win/win solution to the conflict with the instructor.
  • Analyze communication conflicts with a public assistance caseworker that have resulted in a grant being stopped, and negotiate a win/win solution to the conflict with the caseworker.
  • Analyze, during an informal therapeutic support session, a conflict affecting a relationship with a life partner that is leading both partners to consider separation, and negotiate a win/win solution to the conflict with the partner.

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