Solve Problems and Make Decisions Performance Continuum

Performance Level 1

How adults at Level 1 Solve Problems and Make Decisions:
  • Anticipate or identify problems.
  • Use information from diverse sources to arrive at a clearer understanding of the problem and its root causes.
  • Generate alternative solutions.
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of alternatives, including potential risks and benefits, and short- and long-term consequences.
  • Select alternative that is most appropriate to goal, context, and available resources.
  • Establish criteria for evaluating effectiveness of solution or decision.

Level 1 Indicators

Use Key Knowledge, Skills, and Strategies Adults performing at Level 1 can:
  • Anticipate or identify a problem or conflict, and gather relevant information about the problem/conflict and its root causes from at least one familiar source, through use of simple strategies such as drawing on personal experience, asking questions, and reading/listening to input of others.
  • Demonstrate, through talk, simple drawings, or simple role-plays, a basic understanding of the problem/conflict and its root causes by use of a few simple strategies such as recalling/restating key information, and posing the problem as a question to be answered; and draw at least one logical causal link between the problem/conflict and its context.
  • Propose a limited number of solutions that require few sequenced steps and limited new information or resources.
  • Evaluate the proposed solutions, and choose one based on its apparent causal connection to the problem and its appropriateness given context and available resources.
  • Plan and carry out the selected solution process; use a few simple strategies to monitor progress toward a solution such as trial and error, further questioning and seeking suggestions; and adjust approach as necessary based on feedback.

Show Fluency, Independence, and Ability to Perform in a Range of Settings

Adults performing at Level 1 can Solve Problems and Make Decisions, with noticeable effort and hesitation, and supported by substantial outside help, guidance, suggestions, and prompting, to accomplish simple, well defined and highly structured tasks that require very simple but intentional solution strategies, in a few comfortable and familiar settings

Level 1 Examples of Proficient Performance

Adults performing at Level 1 can Solve Problems and Make Decisions to accomplish a variety of goals, such as:
  • Determine a list of parent education topics to be addressed by the local adult learning center in response to students' concerns about their children's behavior, health and safety.
  • Address complaints from co-workers about untidy conditions in the employee break room.

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