A Guide to Using the Convey Ideas in Writing Performance Continuum

This document is one of several guides available through the EFF Assessment Resources Collection to help you learn how to use the EFF performance continua. The purpose of this guide is:

  • to introduce the performance continuum for the EFF standard Convey Ideas in Writing;
  • to show you how to use it to plan instruction and classroom-based assessment;
  • to help you to better understand and prepare for accountability assessment based on this performance continuum.

Tips for Using the Guide

Throughout the guide you will also be pointed to other links:

  • For general information about EFF and to link to all EFF sites you will be sent to the EFF Portal Page.
  • To learn more about how to plan and carry out classroom instruction based on EFF go to the EFF Teaching and Learning Toolkit. This site uses classroom examples from a variety of typical adult education contexts to show teachers how to use the EFF teaching and learning cycle.
  • Tools and forms can be downloaded as Word documents from the Web Site. You may freely adapt and adjust these Word documents to meet your needs


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