Creating Instructional Assessment Tasks

Toward the end of some teaching and learning activities, teachers may also want to consider developing a special kind of assessment task referred to as an "instructional assessment task." Instructional assessment tasks are:

  • based on an assessment of all the components of the standard at a particular level;
  • mirror high stakes assessment tasks and use similar rubrics;
  • used at points where the teacher wants to assess whether or not a student or group of students is ready to be assessed more formally for movement on to the next performance level or needs further instruction;
  • used to help students to understand how they will be assessed for high-stakes assessment purposes;
  • relatively lower-stakes assessments that require less rigor and standardization than high stakes assessment.

For a more in-depth description of instructional assessment tasks and a complete sample task go to Section 5 of Improving Performance, Reporting Results: The Guide to Using the EFF Read with Understanding Assessment Prototype on this Web Site.

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