Using the Performance Continua After Instruction: Accountability Assessment Tasks

High stakes assessment tasks for accountability purposes will be designed using the same performance continuum as the one used to design instruction. Once an accountability assessment for the standard Convey Ideas in Writing is in place, an instructor will determine when a student is ready to be assessed for EFF level completion. In order to move to the next level, a student will be expected to demonstrate proficiency on at least three tasks. Teachers who have received special training in how to administer high-stakes assessments will administer tasks. The teacher will select (with assistance from the certified rater as needed) three assessments to be administered to the student. Certified raters will have access to our password-protected online task collection. Teachers can request the full administration packets for their selected tasks from the certified rater. The assessments will be administered within a short period of time, such as over a two-week period. Evidence of performance on the assesments will be scored by the teacher and scored again independently by the local certified rater. Each state will devise a means to add additional fields to their online data collection and reporting system to record level achievement data. As tools for this process are developed they will be added to the EFF Assessment Resource Collection. For more details on this process, see Improving Performance, Reporting Results: The Guide to Using the EFF Read with Understanding Assessment Prototype.