Getting to Know the EFF Standard Convey Ideas in Writing

The EFF Standard Convey Ideas in Writing defines one of 16 content areas that make up the EFF Content Framework. Go to Standards for a complete list of the standards. The definition of the Convey Ideas in Writing Standard is:

In order to fulfill responsibilities as parents/family members, citizens/community members and workers, adults need to be able to:

  • Determine the purpose for communicating.
  • Organize and present information to serve the purpose, context, and audience.
  • Pay attention to conventions of English language usage, including grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, to minimize.
  • Seek feedback and revise to enhance the effectiveness of the communication.

This definition was developed as part of an intensive multi-year research and development process that included input from teachers throughout the U.S. as well as content area specialists. For more information about the history of this development process, see the EFF/NRS Data Collection Project, 2000 - 2001 in the ARC Library.

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