Starting in 1994, the National Institute for Literacy began an initiative called Equipped for the Future (EFF) to develop a framework for adult learning based on content standards. These content standards were constructed to strengthen the ability of adult education providers to improve their programs to better meet the needs of adult learners and the wider community. EFF is now managed by the UT Center for Literacy, Education & Employment.

Here you will find information on the foundational pieces of the EFF framework including the four purposes for learning, the three role maps, the 13 common activities that overlap the roles, and the 16 EFF Content Standards.

The EFF Content Standards are the fundamental tools in facilitating the EFF approach to teaching, learning, & assessing and for program improvement. The standards represent a consensus of what is important for learners to know and be able to do and are linked to the primary purposes that motivate adult learning. [Note: Click on the image below to go directly to the EFF Skills Wheel.]