Citizen/Community Member Role Map

Effective citizens and community members take informed action to make a positive difference in their lives, communities, and world.

person reading
people sharing ideas
people shaking hands
people signing letters

Become and Stay Informed
Citizens and community members find and use information to identify and solve problems and contribute to the community

Form and Express Opinions and Ideas
Citizens and community members develop a personal voice and use it individually and as a group

Work Together
Citizens and community members interact with other people to get things done toward a common purpose

Take Action to Strengthen Communities
Citizens and community members exercise their rights and responsibilities as individuals and as members of groups to improve the world around them

Key Activities

Identify, monitor, and anticipate problems, community needs, strengths, and resources for yourself and others

Recognize and understand human, legal, and civic rights and responsibilities for yourself and others

Figure out how the system that affects an issue works

Identify how to have an impact and recognize that individuals can make a difference

Find, interpret, analyze, and use diverse sources of information, including personal experience

Strengthen and express a sense of self that reflects personal history, values, beliefs, and roles in the larger community

Learn from others' experiences and ideas

Communicate so that others understand

Reflect on and reevaluate your own opinions and ideas

Get involved in the community and get others involved

Respect others and work to eliminate discrimination an prejudice

Define common values, visions, and goals

Manage and resolve conflict

Participate in group processes and decision making

Help yourself and others

Educate others

Influence decision makers and hold them accountable

Provide leadership within the community