Parent/Family Role Map

Effective family members contribute to building and maintaining a strong family system that promotes growth and development

family doing homework
family shopping
three generations

Promote Family Members' Growth and Development
Family members support the growth and development of all family members, including themselves

Meet Family Needs and Responsibilities
Family members meet the needs and responsibilities of the family unit

Strengthen the Family System
Family members create and maintain a strong sense of family

Key Activities

Make and pursue plans for self-improvement

guide and mentor other family members

Foster informal education of children

Support children's formal education

Direct and discipline children

Provide for safety and physical needs

Manage family resources

Balance priorities to meet multiple needs and responsibilities

Give and receive support outside the immediate family

Create a vision for the family and work to achieve it

Promote values, ethics, and cultural heritage within the family

Form and maintain supportive family relationships

Provide opportunities for each family member to experience success

Encourage open communication among the generations