Worker Role Map

Effective workers adapt to change and actively participate in meeting the demands of a changing workplace in a changing world.

factory workers
construction workers
office workers
a worker studies

Do the Work
Workers use personal and organizational resources to perform their work and adapt to changing work demands

Work With Others
Workers interact one-on-one and participate as members of a team to meet job requirements

Work Within the Big Picture
Workers recognize that formal and informal expectations shape options in their work lives and often influence their level of success

Plan and Direct Personal and Professional Growth
Workers prepare themselves for the changing demands of the economy through personal renewal and growth

Key Activities

Communicate with others inside and outside the organization

Give assistance, motivation, and direction

Seek and receive assistance, motivation, and direction

Value people different from yourself

Work within organizational norms

Respect organzational goals, performance, and structure to guide work activities

Balance individual roles and needs with those of the organization

Guide individual and organizational priorities based on industry trends, labor laws/contracts, and competitive practices

Balance and support work, career, and personal needs

Pursue work activities that provide personal satisfaction and meaning

Plan, renew, and pursue personal and career goals

Learn new skills