Preparing for Careers in Health Care

The National Health Care Skill Standards include an industry core of eight broad standards which serve as a foundation for occupations across the health services.  To perform these skills, health care workers need to communicate well, read critically, apply math concepts accurately, solve problems, work well with others, and evaluate a variety of situations faced on the job.  These skills align directly with the EFF Content Standards.

Preparing for Careers in Health Care integrates the EFF standards and industry skills standards. By blending basic skills - including the critical but difficult to teach and assess “soft skills” - with industry skill standards, the course prepares adults for training in any health care field, from nurse’s aide to registered nurse to medical trascriptionist.  The curriculum package includes:

  • 1-2 days of training for your staff
  • 4-week/120-hour course
  • Flexible program that can be adapted to your specific needs
  • Connection to GED so participants can reach their goals in a more timely manner
  • Adabtable curriculum to suit a variety of needs, both workforce and academic
  • Customized technical assistance to match your needs and fit your budget

Preparing for Careers in Health Care Overview

Preparing for Careers in Health Care Brochure

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