ESOL/ESL/ELL Resources

Issues in using EFF in the ESL classroom:
This article appears in the 2004 edition of Fieldnotes for ABLE Staff in Pennsylvania.

ESOL examples in the EFF Teaching/Learning Toolkit:
The EFF Teaching/Learning Toolkit provides practitioners with resources to use the EFF Teaching/Learning Cycle in adult education settings. On this page, under “Instructional Settings,” you will find a listing of teaching examples developed in ESOL contexts.

EFF and Adult ESOL Instruction:
This article by Andy Nash of the EFF Center gives an overview of the EFF initiative, describes the EFF Content Framework, examines its relevance to English language learners, and discusses some of the challenges in applying the framework in the ESOL context.

EFF en Español:
Spanish translations of the EFF Content Framework, the Content Standards, the Skills Wheel, and the three Role Maps (Citizen/Community Member, Parent/Family Member, and Worker) are a courtesy of Nancy Monroe, Coordinator of the Western Washington County Even Start Program in Hillsboro, Oregon. Martha Molitor, a professional translator and native of Mexico, did the original translations.

Preparing for Careers in Sales and Service:
The EFF Center, in partnership with the National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation, has developed a sales and customer service curriculum and training package that includes training for instructors as well as the necessary curriculum materials for use with adult learners. The curriculum combines both industry standards and the EFF standards with the goal of preparing adults for entry-level positions in sales and customer service. There are currently two versions of this training package - one for ESOL learners and the other for ABE learners (or English speaking adults).

Pictorial representations of the EFF standards:
From this page you can link to any of the Standards on the EFF Standards Wheel. Once on the Standard’s page, you can link to a drawing that represents that Standard.

EFF Hot Topics Newsletter (each Hot Topics has at least one ESL article)

  • Winter 2005 (PDF version, 291Kb)
    In this issue, HOT Topics focuses on the standard Use Math to Solve Problems and Communicate and addresses these questions: What does research say about teaching math to adults?, How can EFF help me help my students with math?, and Where do I start? It provides examples of activities that will help instructors incorporate use of the Math standard into their teaching and assessment activities.
  • Fall 2003 (PDF version, 500Kb)
    This issue of Hot Topics focuses on the Read with Understanding standard and research-based instructional practices. Features from the EFF Reading Project include use of the Teaching and Learning Cycle to plan reading instruction, suggestions for using the RWU Diary and Guide to reflect on students' reading, and samples of learning activities constructed by the Project's ten pilot programs. Other features include applications of reading instruction for ESL learners and an RWU assessment prototype.
  • Spring 2002 (PDF version, 395Kb)
    This issue introduces a ten-step process for using standards-based instuction and assessment that focuses teachers sharply on the specific skills and knowledge students need to develop. Guiding questions and sample tools are included for each step. Teachers share examples from their classrooms to illustrate the process.
  • Spring 2001 (PDF version, 656 Kb)
    The premier issue of HOT Topics focuses on the goal-setting process, with teachers, tutuors, and learners sharing how they use the EFF Framework and mind maps to define goals. Also included is a full-page reproducible copy of an effective goal-setting tool.

Crossroads Cafe - Video Correlation to Equipped for the Future:  
This crosswalk is designed to help instructors use EFF (Content Standards and Role Maps) and Crossroads Cafe together. Under each episode in the Crossroads Cafe series is a list of correlated standards. Correlation is to videos only in the series.

On Common Ground - Video Correlation to Equipped for the Future:
This crosswalk is designed to help instructors use EFF (Common Activities, Content Standards, and Citizen/Community Member Role map) and On Common Ground together. Episodes in the On Common Ground series are presented in a convenient at-a-glance format. Correlation is to videos only in the series.