EFF Online Courses

EFF offers a variety of online courses based in standards-based instruction and assessment as well as quality instructional and program practices. We currently offer two online course formats:

green dot Mini-Courses: 8-10 hr courses designed to be completed independently within a two week period. Focus is on immediately applicable techniques for specific content topics. Participants are provided with subject-expert facilitator support and feedback, but have little interaction with peers. View mini-course catalog

green dot Discussion-Based Courses: 12-16 hour courses designed to be completed independently within a 4-6 week period. Focus is to investigate and deepen understanding in various EFF Standards, Performance Continua, the EFF Teaching/Learning Cycle, and Curriculum Frameworks. Participants are provided with support and feedback from both a subject-expert facilitator and their peers in the course cohort. View course catalog

Online courses are scheduled periodically during the year or can be requested for states/programs through the EFF Center.

green dot To request a course for your state/program, contact the EFF Center for more information

green dot To see what courses are currently scheduled, or to register yourself for a course, visit our current online event website.

Please read our Course Policies and Technical Requirements before registering. Information about CEU credit for these courses is included.