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EFF Resources for Students/Learners

EFF Products and Publications:

Equipped For the Future Downloadable Masters
The EFF Downloadable Masters webpage contains black and white copies of the skills wheel, content standards, role maps, and other EFF handouts.

Equipped for the Future: A customer-driven vision for adult literacy and lifelong learning, 
1995 This 121-page research report and collection of essays by adult learners on how improving their literacy skills has changed their lives is the foundation of Equipped for the Future, a long-term project to create national literacy standards and systemic reform.

Equipped for the Future Citizen and Community Member Role Map
1999This Citizen/Community Member Role Map explains, "Effective citizens and community members take informed action to make a positive difference in their lives, communities and the world." Details are given on how to: 1) Become and Stay Informed, 2) Form and Express Opinions and Ideas, 3) Work Together and 4) Take Action to Strengthen Communities.
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Equipped for the Future Content Framework
1999 This site describes all the elements identified through EFF research, which can be used to support adults as they develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to be effective in meeting their learning goals. The framework is composed of the EFF Purposes, Role Maps, Common Activities, Knowledge Domains, and the Content Standards.
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Equipped for the Future Family Member Role Map
1999 This Family Role Map explains, "Effective family members contribute to building and maintaining a strong family system that promotes growth and development." Details are provided on how to: 1) Promote Family Members' Growth and Development, 2) Meet Family Needs and Responsibilities and 3) Strengthen the Family System.
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Equipped for the Future Worker Role Map
1999 This Worker Role Map explains, "Effective workers adapt to change and actively participate in meeting the demands of a changing workplace in a changing world." Details are provided on how to: 1) Do the Work, 2) Work With Others, 3) Work Within the Big Picture and 4) Plan and Direct Person and Professional Growth.
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