Step 7:

With students, evaluate and reflect on how what was learned is
transferable to real-life situations.

Guiding Questions:

  • How will learners and I use the results of the assessment process?
    What links can learners make between what they have learned and how it addresses their goals?
  • How do I help learner transfer skills and strategies from one role to another?

The activities in Step 7 focus student attention on how their learning supports their goals and transfers to other challenging situations. Students moving through the EFF Teaching/Learning Cycle have been reflecting on learning throughout the entire process. This step, though, is a culminating reflection about their learning and where it has taken them. It builds on the self-assessment done in Step 6, using that information to “take stock” of what has been achieved and how it can use it in their lives. A variety of Tools can be used to facilitate this reflection.