Developing a Learning List

To help students think about what they already know and what they need to know in order to achieve the goal.

This process may be done either before or after a focus Standard has been chosen.

  1. Make sure the goal is clear to everyone.
  2. Have students draw on their past experience to brainstorm a list of what they already know about achieving the goal.
  3. Brainstorm a list of what else they’ll need to know. When students have exhausted their ideas, suggest other ideas you feel are important. Explain why you think they are necessary for reaching the goal.
  4. If a focus Standard has not already been chosen, use the Learning List to help the students identify that Standard.

Worksheet (Word file)

Example from Practice:

Goal: To read road signs
Standard: Read with Understanding
What do we already know? What else do we need to know?
- Signs are color-coded
- The shape of the sign means something
- Some signs are always the same: STOP, Speed Limit, etc.
- Signs are short because you have to read them fast, while you’re driving
- Etc.
Student ideas:
- How to read fast
- How to read signs with a lot of words on them

Teacher additions:
- Clues to help you identify words quickly – length and shape of word, first letter, etc.
- How to use key words rather than reading word for word.

Used in Teaching/Learning Examples:

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