Identifying Standards that are Most Important to You

To prioritize the EFF Standards students need to work on. This activity can be done with an individual student or with a group.


  1. Fill out the "What I Want to Learn" worksheet with the student(s). Encourage students to look at the EFF Standards Wheel to pick out and prioritize their skill needs.

  2. If students have difficulty identifying more than one Standard, help them think about integrated skill use by discussing a variety of examples. For each example, ask them to identify all the Standards that are used.


    • Plan a class party (math, plan, cooperate)
    • Register a child for school (speak, listen, read, write)
    • Use public transportation to get to a new place (research, solve problems, read, listen)
    • Buy something on e-bay (technology, math, read)
    • Negotiate a vacation with your boss (resolve conflict and negotiate, advocate, speak, listen)
    • Make sense of a demonstration on the street (listen, reflect and evaluate)

  3. Help students prioritize which Standard they need to focus on first by having them talk about their experience using each one. Which one has been most difficult for them? Which one is the most important for achieving their goal? Remind them that, as they work toward the goal they will be practicing multiple Standards, but that it's helpful to focus their attention on the one that needs the most work.

Using the Tool in Practice

What I Want to Learn  

My goal:

Learn basic computer skills so that I'm comfortable when I get a job where I have to use a computer.

1. What parts will be easy for you? Hard for you? Why?

Easy - Coming to class (I'm very motivated)

Practicing at home (I have a computer at home for the kids)

Hard - Not feeling like an idiot

Learning so many terms; dealing with all the choices and options you have on the computer

2. What do you think you need to work on?

Learning the kinds of things employers want you to know

Practicing a lot so that it becomes automatic

Understanding all the things I can do with the computer

3. Which EFF standards are the most important for you? Put the most important one at the top.

a. __ Use Information and Communications Technology ______

b. __ Solve Problems and Make Decisions __________________

c. __ Read with Understanding ______________________________

  Worksheet (Word file)

Used in Teaching/Learning Examples:

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