Naming role-related goals

Purpose: to begin naming our goals


  1. Using the simple grid below, talk with students about what they want to know and be able to do in each role. Document these ideas in the student’s own words.
  2. Talk with the student about ways that their goals overlap and connect across roles. For example, consider the way that meeting goals in one role can impact the other roles, or how strengths in one role can be transferred over to help you meet a goal in another.

Worksheet (Word file)

Using the Tool in Practice:

Things I want to be able to do


  • Learn the computer
  • Get a raise
  • Have more responsibility
  • Go to school committee meetings once in awhile
  • Access the elder services for my folks
  • Help raise money for after-school programs
  • Help the kids with school
  • Be able to go to more school events
  • Find out about health care for my parents


  • Take more time for myself
  • Read the newspaper

Used in Teaching/Learning Examples:

Talking to Co-workers

(adapted from Amy Prevedel, South San Francisco Project READ.
For additional examples of how this mind map activity can be used, see Hot Topics Vol. 1, 1 )