Reflecting on My Goals

To provide opportunities for students to revise their goals based on information that may help them broaden their sense of the possibilities or discover new priorities.


  1. Focusing on one role at a time, ask students to share their goals. Make it clear that students can "pass" if they don't feel comfortable sharing items on their lists. Invite questions and discussion about the goals students are naming.
  2. Give students the opportunity to revise their own goal lists based on what they learned in the discussion. Say, "Maybe your list of goals is fine the way it is, or maybe there is something about it that you would like to change."
  3. Students can also use the worksheet as a way to way to reflect, in writing, on what they've heard and how it helps them think about their own goals.

Worksheet (Word File)

1. My goal is . . .
2. This goal is important to me because . . .
3. New ideas I heard in the group:
4. What I like about these ideas:
5. New thoughts I have about my own goals:

Used in Teaching/Learning Examples:

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