Using the EFF Principles to Review Learning Plan

To make sure that the learning plan embodies the core principles that underlie EFF teaching and learning.

The EFF Publication Results that Matter and the EFF Research to Practice Notes present key principles that reflect the underlying foundations of EFF. The first three principles are:

  1. a purposeful and transparent approach to teaching and learning,
  2. an approach to teaching and learning that builds expertise (using learners’ prior knowledge and expertise to construct new knowledge) and
  3. a contextualized approach to curriculum and instruction.

After you and your students have developed a learning plan, you may want to review the plan to make sure it is consistent with the EFF principles of teaching and learning. The checklist can help you with this review process. If you cannot answer yes to items on the checklist, think about how you might revise the plan. Discussion with other teachers can be helpful.

Worksheet (Word file)

Used in Teaching/Learning Examples:

Measurement in a Real World Setting